About Us

Glyco Pharma Technologies

Glyco Pharma Technologies is the leading distributor of Chromatography products like HPLC Consumables, GC Consumables and other lab accessories of Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Industries. It works as a partner to assist Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industries, to expedite and accelerate the delivery of drug products in the global market. It offers unique products in synthesis and separation sciences to advance the drug substances from initial process development and scale-up to final validation in formulations. It also ensures and assures to be the best source of high performance quality products.

The Glyco Pharma Technologies provides highly expertise, technical, scientific and application support to the chromatographers in terms of any kind of analytical challenges related to Separation Science domain. It also provides productive solutions with guaranteed service to save the clients time, resources and money. It strives to collaborate with Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Industries to accelerate the research in order to address Global Clinical unmet needs of this planet.


To be recognised as a trustworthy, dependable, transparent and a reliable Quality vendor for our Quality product range.


To deliver quality products and productive services while continuously expanding our product offerings


We strive to innovate our business strategies through highly advanced scientific experts to accelerate delivery of drug products into global markets